Who we Are

MENA-SCS (Middle East and North Africa Submarine Cable System) is a subsidiary of OTMT (Orascom Telecom Media and Technology). MENA-SCS owns and operates a submarine telecommunications system (MENA Cable) connecting Europe to the Middle East and South East Asia. MENA Cable spans three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia). Currently the cable lands in five countries, Italy, Egypt, KSA, Oman, India and in conjunction with TW1 cable in UAE and Pakistan. The cable also includes branching units to cover Greece, Sudan and Djibouti. It consists of six fiber pairs, each pair expandable to 8 TB/s totaling to an ultimate capacity of 48 TB/s.  MENA cable length is 9,030km of which 930km is a terrestrial fiber cable crossing Egypt.

Message from C.E.O

Here in MENA-SCS, we believe that our success is linked to your business growth, therefore we strive to deliver an experience that is positively memorable. We deliver our solutions through a passionate and highly trained team that understand the importance of our customers’ business to create customer loyalty that enables us to grow together.

Operating MENA cable, the submarine cable located in the heart of the middle East connecting the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe gives MENA-SCS a unique position to propose a one stop shop to satisfy the fast growing capacity demands in markets of Middle East, India and South of Asia.

It only makes sense to send your data traffic through a carrier you can trust. Our strong network of partners in different markets, state of the art technology, as well as our skilled and talented teams enables us to go beyond being a wholesale capacity seller to your trusted and reliable regional partner.



Kamran Malik

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a leading, profitable, service-oriented organization that consistently delivers innovative solutions and reliable services throughout the region and the world. Aiming to be the carrier’s carrier of choice      whether working on voice, data, internet or video; leading to effective infrastructure and connectivity for successful and dynamic region.

Our Strategy

MENA targets Carriers, Wholesale, Governments and multi-national Enterprises.
MENA believes on partnerships and we are always exploring growth opportunities in the region, either by extending our network or interconnecting with different global partners.
MENA strategy is based on growing together with our loyal partners:

1.       We offer solutions tailored and customized according to the customer needs to maximize customer’s application performance.

2.       We offer End to End Traffic Provisioning and Engineering.

3.       We deliver our solutions through a passionate, highly trained and effective team that understand the importance of our customers business.

4.       We provide fast escalation & resolution with direct access to key decision makers.

MENA believes that its greatest capital is in its people, due to the aggressive growth of both the company and the industry alike, we are always interested in hiring qualified, motivated, professional calibers:
If interested, please forward your resume to career@mena-scs.com
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