MENA primarily sells bandwidth to wholesalers of international capacity, its bandwidth can either be purchased as an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU), or as a standard leases. Our product range are based on the industry standard Synchronous Transport Mode (STM) and cover a range of capacities: STM1; STM4; STM16; STM64. MENA provides Protected Service which is automatically switched on a diverse network path in the event of an interruption as well as Unprotected Service that allows a single path dedicated point-to-point circuit that connects customer specific locations.
MENA International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is an end-to-end managed bandwidth service that provides customers with dedicated pure international data bandwidth for various types of real-time and mission-critical applications.
IP Transit
MENA offers carrier-grade IP Transit service to telecoms operators, Internet service providers and content players on a diversified and congestion-free IP backbone with worldwide coverage.
MENA MPLS VPN Service provides reliable and secure access to your network from anywhere in the world. This technology-independent solution enables you to handle different tasks while addressing traditional network problems relating to speed, scalability, Quality of Service (QoS) management and traffic engineering.
Dark Fiber
MENA Dark Fiber provides you with the flexibility of choice over the service platforms that you may wish to deploy.
Choose to overlay any protocol you want, have control to expand your network as your business grows.
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